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Get Shawn’s new bookHe Sets the Prisoner Free

Forty years ago, Jesus walked into Shawn Hurley’s prison cell…

A group of women had been ministering to local prostitutes. After returning to Shawn’s basecamp, they reported how the glory of God had poured out upon them. Perplexed, Shawn thought to himself, “the glory of God upon prostitutes? How?”

In that moment, the Lord spoke a word that would again transform Shawn’s life. The Holy Spirit said, You see Shawn, it’s never been about you loving Me. It’s always been about Me loving you.” The Lord also revealed to Shawn that he would one day heal the sick all over the world.

Soon after, Shawn dove headlong into the Scriptures, discovering who he was in Christ. Sin fell away and God’s love wrought the holiness that previously eluded his striving. Now, for over a decade, Shawn has traveled the world, healing the sick and teaching others their identity as beloved sons and daughters in Jesus.

Shawn is a retired nurse, having served in the medical field for over 30 years. He is also a graduate from Royal Family International Ministries founded by Pete Cabrera, Jr.

Shawn currently resides near Kingsville, Texas with his wife Kristina.